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Transitioning Tips Relaxed To Natural *2013* (Easy Steps)

Transition From Relaxed To Natural Hair

Relaxed to natural hair transitioning is easy with the right techniques. Here, you will learn the steps to get you started on your natural hair journey.

When you decide to go natural, consider the products you use. Are you ready to incorporate healthy hair products into your regimen? Transitioning hair is more susceptible to breakage so you must change your products according to it's needs.

Hair styling may become problematic when you're not familar with protective styling. This type of maintenance will help you through your transition and save your hair from being cut too early. Many women find wearing braids, buns, and updos during this time helps to avoid cutting their hair too early .

Below you will find 5 steps to help you transition from relaxed to natural within a matter of months.

Going Natural Without The Big Chop

Many women don't want to cut their hair in order to transition from relaxed to natural. They opt for the long term transition.

This is where the natural hair is grown out without cutting the relaxed ends until you are comfortable with the length. Waiting a period of 6 to 18 months before cutting your hair will give you 3 to 9 inches of hair.

If you're looking to avoid cutting your hair too early just follow these steps repeatedly throughout your entire transition.

Protect Your Hair

Protect your hair while going natural. This is extremely important to protect against breakage and damage. Here are a few ways to protect your hair for maximum hair growth during your transition:
  • Limit heat
  • Cover hair at night with a silk or satin covering
  • Wear protective styles such as buns, updos, braids or weaves.
  • Keep hair moisturized daily
  • Avoid products with mineral oil, sulfate, and petroleum

Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural Hair.

Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural Hair.

Moisturize Your Hair

Transitioning hair needs moisture. Natural hair that is curly has a harder time retaining moisture. Natural oils have a harder time traveling down the hair shaft of curly tresses.

You can use natural hair care products that are rich in nutrients that deeply penetrate the hair shaft to make hair softer and more manageable.

Moisturize daily. This is a must to maintain healthy hair that grows.

Be Patient With Your Hair

It takes a few months for you to transition and you must be patient with your hair during this process.

Cutting your hair too early may be a shock to you. Curly hair appears shorter due to shrinkage after it's dry. Be mindful of this when checking the length before doing the " big chop ".

While you're transitioning, this would be a good time to see what types of products, styles and methods work best for you hair.

Take your time and start a journal or diary to chart your progress. This will help you to see how far you've come. It also gives you a little inspiration along the way.

Encourage Yourself With Support

You're not alone! There are several women that have been right where you are. They are actively helping other women transition to natural hair.

Many have successfully transitioned with natural hair support. They have videos, blogs, photos, recipies, and styling techniques.

They're also willing to share there journey with you, all for free! Please stop by and see for yourself by visiting the forum today!

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Comment by Bae Stylez on June 28, 2014 at 1:39pm

Great info, but by chance, do you have any recommendations of any good hair moisture or protectants products for natural hair?

Comment by valerie andrews on December 22, 2012 at 1:45pm

Maybe someone can answer this simple question: Is there any harm in leaving a conditioner in your hair? Not talking about a leave in conditioner, just a regular old conditioner that would normally  be rinsed out. Just wondering because last night I tried an experiment.  I applied a Suave Professionals conditioner (to whole head on dry hair) and coconut oil to each strand. My intent was to just use this as a pre-poo and wash it out this morning. However, the take down is so nice, I don't want to wash it out yet! It's very soft, moisturised and the twist came out great. Just wondering if leaving the conditioner in like this for another day or two will hurt my hair or should I go ahead and rinse. I'm a 4a-b-c hair combo.  Any thoughts???

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